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Family PhotosHi, The little guy made it safe and sound what a beautiful dog our little rockit is… He road home on the console between my husband and did not take long for him to warm up and start to want to kiss us and play. Last night we fed him when we got home and he ate very well. Today's weather is very windy and cold so we have let him play and do his business in the garage. So as you can see he is adjusting very well. Sending off these pictures hope you enjoy. Sincerely the Jordan Family and Rockit

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The Browns

Hi All,

We received your voice mails. Sorry I am just getting back to you. We have been very busy. Here is a couple of pics of Dakota (kota) and the boys. She is doing great! She loves it here and is sooo loved by us. She is such a good dog...VERY good temperment and already displaying her instinctual ways...she is protective of the boys and hunts the birds in her big back yard…Thanks again for everything

The Browns

Shawna and family and of course MADISON JI am so pleased with our Golden Retriever we purchased from you in August of this year... I had previously sent you a picture a while back of our dog Madison and my daughter but she has grown so much since then I thought you might like another. We have taught her to ring a bell at the door to go to the bathroom outside and we have recently taught her to pick up her "toys" and put them away in her box. She is such a smart dog and so beautiful with a wonderful disposition. We just love her to death. Just wanted to keep you up on her progress. She weighs in now at 40 pounds and is now almost 6 months old... Thank you so much again......

Shawna and family and of course MADISON J

BerniceWe've had a very busy 1st day and Lea was a very good girl. Given her trip to the airport and 2 plane rides we expected there were would an accident or two along the way. We live 10 minutes from the airport so it was a quick ride home for her and she was in my lap the enitire time.


It turned out to be a mostly sunny day and we all spent most of the day exploring the yard and resting on the deck. We played, ate, took short naps, had a bath and did very well with potty training. She was vocal about going in the crate, but went right to sleep once she settled in.


And whenever I hold her in my lap she falls right to sleep everytime and offers me kisses when she wakes up. She's been eating well, going potty like clockwork, and showing us her wounderful temperment. We're very pleased so far, I'm exhausted after such a busy day but very happy.


I'm sending a few pictures from todays activities.

She arrived safe and sound. She is beautiful!

Thank you Bernice

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Are you looking to add a new puppy as part of your family and not sure where to start? Let our experienced puppy counselors help you find you and your family the breed that suits you best. Your lifestyle and other factors should be considered to ensure you get the right puppy. Do you have other pets or dogs in your home? Do you have a house with a yard or an apartment? Do you have allergy concerns or small children? Do you like to run or go on daily walks? Our Puppy Counselors are committed to helping you through the process to help make sure you bring home the perfect puppy for your family.

Finding the newest furry member of your family can be a challenge. In fact according to pet owners finding a good breeder that they felt comfortable with was the toughest challenge they encountered during the process of adding a new puppy to their family. We work only with breeders whose primary goal is to better the breed. All of our breeders are screened by our Breeder Relations Department before and after they are accepted into our network. Our primary commitment is to our furry friends and we are as devoted to finding the perfect home for our puppies, as we are to finding a perfect happy, healthy furry baby for you.

Who We Stand Against

Here at All American Breeders we stand united against puppy mills. Puppy mills breed dogs with no regard to the health of their breeding dogs and little if any to the health of their puppies. Their animals are not feed, socialized, or raised properly. They follow no breeding program and are not breeding to improve the breed. The dogs and puppies are not given adequate health care and vaccinations.

We are consistently assessing and reviewing our procedures for monitoring and screening our breeders. We are committed to only representing responsible and professional breeders that have high standards of breeding. All American Breeders has a Zero Tolerance Policy for any breeders who do not strictly adhere to any of the items in our Breeder Code of Ethics

Community Involvement

Our organization both as a group and individually are strong supporters of animals rights and are very active in fundraising efforts. To help our community, through our All American Breeders Donation Program we actively volunteer and financially support a number of rescue groups and humane societies, including organizations helping to provide service dogs for disabled veterans.